Fallkniven F1L3Gmm 3G Steel Blade Next Generation Maroon Micarta Handle Fixed Blades

Sale price$580.00


2017 year special model of the F1/3G with maroon or black Micarta is really a very special edition, here are for the first time a distinct, detailed laser engraving of the JAS 39 Griffin NG (Next Generation) along with the traditional oval logo that has been Fällkniven’s hallmark for more than twenty year. The handle medallion in nickel silver is covered with about 30 my thick layer of 24k gold, usually you use 2-3 my only. Guard, tubular rivet and handle rivets are made in nickel silver on this exquisite full tang knife. The knife comes with an all-black leather sheath in a neat wood gift box. How many the final edition will be is yet to be decided but the first samples of only about a hundred pieces of each kind emerges in spring/summer 2017. The reason why the edition is as small as a hundred pieces is because the knife, in a true Loveless design, is made entirely by hand. The blade is made of our best steel, a powder steel, which we call 3G, a vanadium-molybdenum steel that holds an edge very well – of course, the blade has a convex edge, something that we are alone in the world to offer. Although the knife is primarily sold as a collectible, customary value is at least just as high – all our knives are designed to be fully operational, and that really applies on the current F1/3Gmm and F1/3Gbm.

The first outlines of our bestseller F1 saw the light in 1987, that is to say, 30 years ago. Our company had been tasked by FMV/Aerospace to develop a new survival knife for the Swedish military pilots, a truly exciting project. We started with the purchase of numerous knives in a certain size range, a premise was that the knife would be accommodated in the leg pocket on the pilots’ clothing. It would be strong, stay sharp, have an ergonomic, comfortable shape, workable with both wet and frozen hands. You would also be able to split wood, use it for surgery injury in the field and work in battle, to name a few desirable properties.


  • Steel: 3G

  • Stiffness blade: 62 HRC

  • Blade: Convexo

  • Handle: Black Micarta

  • Sheath: Leather

    • Weight: 197 gr.

    • Length blade: 101 mm

    • Thickness blade: 4,5 mm

    • Total lengh: 210 mm

    • Guard: Nickel/Silver


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