Japan Rockstead 肥前 HIZEN-ZDP SHINOGIZUKURI Folding knife

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Full length:176mm
Hardness:around HRc67
Scale:A7075(duralumin) Hard-anodized treatment
Top bit of the liner lock:SKD11 HRc 61

The HIZEN-ZDP is a smaller version of our HIGO knife, with characteristics that are quite similar. This is an easy maintenance knife that is easy to use and cuts well. The handle is made from duralumin, which is light and strong. This knife has a blade angle of 30 degrees near the half, and 24 degrees near the tip with one continuous, gradually reducing angle connecting them. This reducing blade angle is a product of Rockstead's continuing pursuit of superior sharpness. This knife is of preeminent sharpness. This is a durable knife with strong cutting capabilities that will last for a long time.

肥前"HIZEN" in Japanese means "the old name of the "kyushu" district in Japan.

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