Japanese Rockstead RITSU-ZDP-Gold ZDP-189 Mirror Finish Blade Wood Micarta Handles Gold Titanium Black Leather Sheath Fixed Blade Knife

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Rockstead is a japanese company founded in 1931 that produces fixed or folding blades and gives itself the reputation of making "the sharpest knives in the world".

Rockstead is halfway between industrial making and custom knife making: the company uses CNC machines tu cut the blades but only 8 employees are qualified enough to assemble, polish and sharpen the knives.

The japanese company offers a limited product catalog. Fixed blades are inspired by the japanase tradition (tantos) while folders have a more contemporary design.

The other noticeable point of this small production business are the specific steels used: YXR7 and ZDP189

From the work and heat treatment of these steels, Rockstead is capable of producing blades displaying 65 and 67HRC

With such hardnesses, Rockstead recommends a few stroke on a leather strope to regain the knife's original sharpness.

This "RITSU GOLD" from Rockstead is a ZDP189 steel full-tang fixed blade with satin and mirror polish finish.

Acquire a Rockstead knife is the guarantee of owning a more than exceptional knife in your collection.


Height 213
Width 95
Blade width 29
Depth 3.7
Weight ZDP189
Composition Micarta
Styles Titanium
Properties Fixed full-tang blade
Type of case Leather-Kydex
Weight (gr) 123 G
Country of origin Japan

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