Manker MK36 + 3x 3100mAh High Drain 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

Beam Tint: Cool White
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1x 12.000 lumens Manker MK36 LED Flashlight

3xManker high drain 3100mAh 18650 rechargeable li-ion batteries (Max. continuous discharge: 30A each one)

Emitter: CW: 6* CREE XHP50.2 3V LED / NW: 6*LUMINUS SST-40-W LED
Maximum output:12.000 lumens
Maximum beam intensity: 22.000 cd
Maximum beam distance 332meters
Waterproof standard: IPX-6
Impact resistance: 1 meters
Working voltage: 2.8V-4.35V (Over discharge protection)
Power by 3x high drain 18650 batteries (Battery NOT Included)
Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum body
Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Adopt 6 in 1 high transmittance TIR optical lens
Thermal protection circuit prevents overheating
Integrated intelligent discharging & charging circuit
USB Type-C rechargeable port for fast charging (Max. charging current: 3A. Charging voltage: 5V)
Have discharge function with included USB Type-C/USB OTG cable (Max. discharging current: 2A. discharge volt- age: 5V). can work as power bank.
Tail stand
Size: 110mm (length) x 53mm (head diameter).
Weight:266g (Without battery)
Accessories: O-ring *1. Lanyard *1. USB Type-C/USB OTG cable*1. USB Type-C charging cable *1. Holster *1. User manual *1

Brightness Levels & runtime: (Cool White version)
Moonlight: 0.1-5lm 1300hrs.
Low: 320 lm 9.3hrs.
Medium: 1100 lm 2.8hrs.
High: 2800 lm 1.3hrs.
Turbo: 12.000 lm-1900 lm 50s - 1.2hrs
Strobe 12.000 lm

Brightness Levels & runtime: (Neutral White version)
Moonlight: 0.1-5lm 1300hrs.
Low: 440 lm 9.3hrs.
Medium: 1250 lm 2.8hrs.
High: 2800 lm 1.3hrs.
Turbo: 11.000 lm-1900 lm 50s - 1.2hrs
Strobe 11.000 lm

* Warning:
1. Please insert batteries with the positive(+) end pointing toward flashlight head.
2. Do not mix rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.
3. Do not mix batteries of different types/brands
4. Do not mix batteries of different charge levels

1. When flashlight is off. one click. access to moonlight mode (left part of the figure). one click to circle: Moonlight-Low-Medium-High-Medium-Low-Moonlight. Long press for off.
2. When flashlight is off. long press 0.5second to access to the mode which your use last time (left part of the figure). one click for circle. Long press for off.
3. When flashlight is off. double click access to Turbo (right part of the figure). one click for circle Turbo-Strobe-S.O.S.-Beacon-battery indicator. Long press for off.
4. When flashlight is on. double click to switch between two groups (left and right part of the figure)

Side switch battery indicator:
1. Blue: 50% -100%
2. Purple: 20% - 50%
3. Red: less than 20%

Lock out:
Long press 4 seconds. side switch battery indicator will be lighted. Flashlight enter lock mode. Long press 4 seconds in lock mode. flashlight will be unlock and turn on low mode.

Engineering Mode (Choose output level for Moonlight mode):
Long press for off and still hold on. the side button battery indicator will turn on and then quick click for 4 times to get access to engineering mode. One click to check different level and long press to make your final choice.

***Kindly note: This item has not included any batteries.We highly recommend you to choose high quality button-top high drain unprotected 18650 batteries with max. continuous discharge current ¡Ý15A For example: Samsung 30Q 18650 button top unprotected batteries.LG HG2 button-top unprotected 18650 batteries.Sony VTC6 button-top unprotected 18650 batteries***

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