Matthew Martin Tactical Pen 500 Custom Series Titanium Zirconium Ironwood

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Matthew Martin is a manufacturer of tactical pens. He is the son of RJ Martin, a famous American bladesmith. At present, he only designs tactical pens. The tactical pens made by Matthew Martin are simple, a little clumsy and a little yuppie. The materials are very solid. The combination of titanium alloy and carbon fiber dimension is very surprising. At least there are few such combinations on the market.

Martin's works are designed, manufactured, assembled and finished by himself. The materials used are carefully selected and combined in a variety of ways. His works use CAD drawing / CNC mechanical cutting die to minimize the uncontrollable probability of products in the production process. His works use the forward pressing mechanism of ball bearing made in Germany to ensure smooth, smooth and silent opening and closing. Moreover, the ink cartridge also uses the famous Fisher Space Compression ink to ensure smooth and uniform writing anytime and anywhere.

  • Brand: Matthew Martin
  • Model: 500 Series
  • Pen head and cap back clip: titanium alloy
  • Closing length: 13cm
  • Opening length (including pen cap): 14.8cm
  • Pen body material: Desert iron wood, zirconium alloy
  • Weight: 48.5g

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