Rockstead knife UN-DLC 運 Fixed Blade Knife

Handle Color: yellow
Sale price$3,950.00


The UN is one of the premium models in the ROCKSTEAD Sheath Knife category. More than any other ROCKSTEAD knife, it is the manifestation of a combination of innovation and tradition. The perfectly formed blade of the UN represents the height of current technical feasibility in the manufacture of knife blades. The handle of the UN is manufactured specifically for the UN in a specialist workshop. It resembles a Japanese katana down to the finest details and is available in blue (TETSUKON), yellow (KINCHA), green (UGUISU) and red-brown (AZUKI). The elaborately constructed, very robust sheath of the DON has a friction-activated lock system and is manufactured from wood Micarta.

Variation: UN-ZDP

Note: The ROCKSTEAD model UN is a further development of the GI model. The shape of the blade, the mirror polish and the knife sheath have been further perfected. The handle of the UN can be swapped.


Full length: 255,5mm
Blade length: 140mm
Total weight: 254g
Blade shape: HONZUKURI
Blade thickness: 5,2mm
Blade material: YXR-7
Blade hardness: around HRc 65
Coating: DLC
Handle: Katana handle wrap – Stingray – 2x Menuki – wrapped in yellow (KINCHA).
Guard material: SUS440C
End (TSUKA) material: SUS440C

Sheath: Wood micarta, leather, friction-activated lock system
Size: 238x48x24
Weight: 138g

Scope of delivery: knife sheath, cloth bag, product specification sheet, guarantee policy.

ROCKSTEAD offers the described guarantee to the initial buyer only. We therefore recommend registering ROCKSTEAD knives purchased through “zukuri” on the manufacturer’s website.

Please note: The colours of the elements made of leather and of wood micarta in particular may vary from those of the models shown.

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