Sinner flashlights MOKUTI Timascus Titanium Damascus 18350 Tri-EDC Custom Limit

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1、Insert battery positive "+" side towards spring

2、Donot touch contacts with bare hands,always clean dirty contacts(batteries,spring and tailcap) with TPA/acetone before use

3Always use high-discharge name brand batteries with IMR Chemistry,i.e:Aspire 1200mAh,Efest 700MAh or AWIMR18350

4、Direct exposure can cause permanent retinal damage ,use with precaution when near reflective objects.

5、You sinner flashlight is equipped with LVP(low-Voltage protection) and does not require a protected battery using a battery with LVP and/or over discharge proetction may trigger shutdown sequence

6、Maintain O-rings/seals by replacing lubricant(Krytox 50/50) every 3-6 months and replace O-rings every 12-24 months

7In case of malfunction,donot disassemble or modify Please contact me for a maintenance/service ,Annual srvice/maintenace checks are free however ant replacement parts will be charged a nominal fee ,

8Warranties are entertained at all times ,no questions asked,please feel free to email me at if you have any questions,i'm always available


Siner 18350 Tri-EDC flashlight -MOKUTI(RM)

L.E:Nichia 219C 5000K 90CRI+

Driver:S-FET 4- Modes+ Turbo 30s W/memory

peak output:1450LM+ OTF @7.5A

lens:sapphire crystal(AR Coated)

14 Ice-Blue 1.5*6MM Tritium Vials

 Fluorosilicone O-ring AS-568-018

Recessed 16MM Silicone Rubber Boot

Titanium pOCKET cLIP w/m2.5*4 hEX 1.5 Screws

#800(Satin)FinIsh-flame Colored

weight:95G(without batteries)

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