SnakeSword Damascus Steel Utility knife blade

Sale price$65.00


Each utility blade is fully custom made, requiring several hours of shop labor. First, we start with the materials: Alabama Damascus. Then, each custom razor blade shape is hand-cut, heat-treated, and individually ground to thickness. 

Because each EDC utility knife blade is handmade in small batches by one skilled craftsman, quantities are limited, and the exact fit & finish will vary slightly. This is normal and expected. Each EDC blade is as unique as they come, and no two blades share the same pattern.

nicholsdamascus Damascus utility blade should last a long time, as you can resharpen the edge as needed. To keep the blade in top condition, please keep the blade well-conditioned, especially in humid climates to prevent rusting. For another beautiful design,

Fits in most standard utility knives,The exact fit & finish will vary, as each one is custom made

Material Brand:Nichols Damascus
Material origin:USA
Make Origin:China

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