TIMAZE INSPIRS Design TD-20 Aluminium Dice Blace Toys

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No dice, No game.
D20 dice is ancient digital game toys.
The secrets of the numbers is everywhere, the charm of metal emerges in endlessly.

D20 Dice
The icosahedron is one of five Plato polyhedron, and one of the most faces of them. It is composed of 20 equilateral triangles, 12 vertices, 30 edges, and 20 faces.
Point, line to plane, perfect entertainment digital toy.

D20 dice is also the designer's favorite polyhedron dice, The originality of the digital design and arrangement, unique, more angles and more colors.
It is a dice, but also a table decoration.

Made by titanium
Precise CNC integrated molding.
Grind with ceramic to remove the sharp edges.
Then using fine ceramic particles to impact the surface to form the sand blasted surface.
Finally, according to different material and color, to choice the best surface treatment.

Aluminium, PVD Black + Yellow digits, about 30 gram, 28mm.

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