TIMAZE INSPIRS Design TTi-150 Titanium Dice 2.0 lucky gear Sand Blast Toys

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One Die Per Order.

Unique design.
Distinctive point arrangement.
100% made Titanium.
Precise CNC integrated molding.
No casting, no welding.
Ancient game toys.

In early 2015, we have finished the design and prototype, and yet due to the high cost of produce, we have have to decided to give up on this project until to the success of the first TTi-150 titanium dice.

The Dice
The secrets of the Numbers is everywhere, the charm of titanium emerges in endlessly. The perfect combination of digital, titanium and precision of science and technology. As a result we have given more practical value to traditional dice.

Titanium has been recognized by the medical profession as the safest metal for contact with human body. Hard, light and heat resistance, corrosion resisting, non magnetic, hypoallergenic, excellent biological affinity.

CNC engraving.
Multi-axis CNC precision carved.

Specification & Model
Model : TTi-150-HB, TTi-150-ST.
Material: GR5 Titanium.
Process: CNC.
Finish: Sand blasted or stone wash.
Size: 15 x 15 x 15 mm / 0.59 x 0.59 x 0.59 in.
Weight: 11.5 g / 0.4 oz.

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