Timaze Titanium 9 inches Hand Folding Fan Titanium alloy Fan Edc Fan Hand fan

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Material: Grade 5 titanium + paper;
Size: 300 x 20 x 22 mm;
Weight: 160g;
Shape: Classic square;
Large fan bone: five grade titanium, 2 pieces, 39.2 grams per piece;
Small fan bone: Grade 5 titanium, 16 pieces, 4.5g per piece;
Fan nail: five grade titanium, 1 pair, 0.93g;
Gasket: five grade titanium, 2, 0.016g per piece;
Fan: paper, 8.8g;
Custom carving: within 1 x 3 cm, large fan bone top.The engraving content shall be provided in the format of CDR, AI or PDF,

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