ZhengYi Knives Cowboy S90V Blade Titanium G10 Handle Custom folding knife One Off

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Mr. Zhengyi locks the patented structure inside, and there is only one screw on the surface of the main shaft. Zhengyi's real name is Li Zhengfei, from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. He graduated from Harbin University of science and technology. The name of Zhengyi is derived from the sentence "peace and Zhongzheng are consistent". Mr. Zhengyi also hopes that his works can reach the artistic conception of clear, ethereal, clean and flexible. About 30 years ago, due to his obsession with skills, Mr. Zhengyi began to try to design and make hand-made knives, and emerged in the manual circle with almost harsh rigor.

After 30 years of exploration and research, Mr. Zhengyi is famous in the circle of knife friends for his highly difficult and extremely delicate details. His famous work is the famous bat wing. The original design was painted by a knife friend of the blade forum. Due to the high difficulty, he has not realized the finished product. Mr. Zhengyi finally completed the finished product after various polishing and repeated experiments. Once it appeared, it shocked the whole industry. He also created the legend of winning the best knife award in the famous knife show for two consecutive times. Maybe he will continue to perform this legend in the most authoritative and influential exhibition in China.

This is a new work of Zhengyi teacher for 21 years. The blade material is s90v, and the blade thickness is up to 5.5mm. It belongs to the category of heavy folding. The blade surface is the signature mirror concave grinding treatment of Zhengyi teacher. The plane is manually brushed to 3000 mesh, revealing the ultimate process and perfect details everywhere. The handle is lined with titanium alloy, and the interior is also subjected to the ultimate wire drawing treatment. No matter where you can't see it, it has undergone rigorous and extreme manual treatment. The handle patch is Westinghouse crystal grade G10, It's also good for G10.

You can see it with the naked eye.The spindle screw is made of customized zirconium alloy, the ball bearing system, flipper quick opening shape, and the mechanical angle adjustment is very in place. It is basically opened at any point. The pocket clip and back clip are made of zirconium alloy, and the rope hole is designed at the back and tail. The surface is also extremely smooth, Whether you are playing everyday or taking photos, it is an excellent boutique!

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