Kansept Kratos K1024A7 CPM-S35VN Blade Copper Carbon Fiber Handle Folding Knife

Kansept Knives货号: K1024A7

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Ostap Hel is a full time designer and custom knives & gear maker from Poland.

Since he was a child he has always loved drawing things - probably because of genes. His father is a graduate of Academy of Arts, so first years of his life he spent with his parents in dorm surrounded by students from all kind of art faculties.

Knives in his life appeared when he was a teenager, due to his growing interests in Middle Ages and all kind of weapons and knights equipment. He spent a year in armorer workshop as an apprentice where he has learned basics of traditional medieval metalworking methods. Since then he has been looking for more reliable, repeatable and precise way of creating things than using basic hand tools - that's how he own workshop and journey with manual machining and CNC was started.

All his designs are based on basic geometry, smooth transitions and Golden Ratio concept. However in his collaborations he always try to experiment with new shapes and ideas to fit his partner’s company unique style and manufacturing capabilities

About Design

Model Kratos was inspired by ancient Greek sword called Kopis.
It has very characteristic curved, wide blade and comfortable full grip handle.
Ostap mixed those features with modern style dual grinds and futuristic handle inlays.
Name comes from Greek Mythology. Kratos, son of titans was representation of strength and power there.


  • Titanium Handle + Copper Carbon Fiber Inlay handle for a smooth gripping surface that is comfortable in the pocket or hand.
  • Stonewashed CPM S35VN blade steel provides a tough blade with excellent edge retention.
  • Ceramic ball bearing offers smooth flip opening
  • Milled pocket clip is strong and holds the knife securely 


Overall Length 8.69''/220.6mm
Blade Length 3.79"/96.3mm
Blade Thickness 0.157''/4.0mm
Blade Material Stonewashed CPM-S35VN
Blade Style Clip point
Blade Grind Flat Grind
Blade Finish Stonewashed
Handle Material  Titanium Handle + Copper Carbon Fiber Inlay
Color Brown
Lock Type Frame Lock
Weight 4.8oz/137g
Model Name  Kratos
Model Number K1024A7
Designer Ostap Hel Design