Alex Peshkov Mosol Mask Wing Bead Custom Knife Lanyard bead Limit

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We present a brand new masterpiece that leads the fashion trend, the Orcs Inspired Bronze Silver Knife Pendant, with honors from Russia and jewelry design studio Alex. Inspired by the mystery and power of orc culture, this sword pendant showcases your personality and courage to the fullest.

Each pendant is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using a perfect combination of copper and silver. Copper endows the pendant with toughness and stability, while silver wings symbolize freedom and victory. Every detail has been carefully crafted, presenting unique textures and delicate lines, bringing you endless visual surprises.

This orc inspired copper silver knife pendant is a limited edition supply, ensuring that you have unique and precious jewelry. It is not only a perfect embellishment for daily attire, but also a fashion symbol that showcases your personality. Whether paired with casual clothing or formal attire, this knife pendant can add a unique charm to your look.

As you bravely pursue fashion, don't miss this orc inspired copper silver sword pendant. Show off your unique charm and feel the protection of orc power. Order now and become a member of this unique world!

Brand: AlexPeshkov
Material: Copper, Silver
Limited quantity: Limited quantity
Origin: Russia