Manker ML03 2000 Lumens Multi Purpose Pocket Light Edc Flashlight

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1. the ML03 is a little powerhouse of a light in a pleasing aluminium box design. It adopts 2x Samsung LH351D LEDs with a max. 2,000 lumens beam.
2. Multi purpose: offers us infinite possibilities of use: small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, clips onto brim of hat for hands free use, on a table, hooked in trouser pocket, magnet on side of the car, iron refrigerator,any iron objects...
3. The ML03 charges via a type-C USB and also acts as a charger for other devices. Different color lights will indicate its level of charge to make sure you never run out at an inopportune moment.
4. User-friendly one button interface - It's simple & easy one-hand operation. 
5. New lock out & moonlight setting - Lock out can prevent the light accidental turn on. When in moonlight mode, you can hold button to adjust 5 different stable, no flicker moonlight levels (0.1-2 lumens) to meet different requirements.

Emitter: 2x Samsung LH351D LEDs (Cool White: 6500K, Neutral White: 4000K CRI>90)
Maximum output: 2,000 lumens
Maximum beam intensity: 25,600 cd
Maximum beam distance: 160 meters
Working Voltage: 2.8 - 4.3 V
Utilizes two orange reflectors for uniform and soft light
High efficiency constant circuit provides stable output (Non-PWM)
Max. runtime up to 800 hours, standby time up to 500 days
Built-in 2,400 mAh lithium polymer battery
Built-in li-ion battery charging/discharging circuit with type-C USB port (max charging voltage/current: 5 volt / 2 amp), connected USB-C cable (integrated OTG), work as powerbank (max discharging voltage/current: 5 volt / 1.5 amp) to charge oher device.
It can be lighted emergency while charging
Integrated power indication and charging/discharging indication
With advanced intelligent temperature regulation module, ML03 regulates its output and adapts to the ambient environment, maintaining optimal performance
Integrated intelligent protection management IC protect battery and circuit
Simple UI, easy one-hand operation, multi brightness levels to meet different demands
Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
Moonlight mode: Five user selectable lower brightness levels (0.1-2 lumens)
Surface treatment: Premium type-III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish + PC engineering plastics
Clip: Stainless steel deep carry clip
Tail-cap: Magnetic
Tail-stand capability: Yes
Waterproof standard: IPX4
Impact resistance: 1 meters
Size: 3.23"/82 mm length x 1.54"/39.1 mm width x 1.04"/26.4 mm high
Weight: 4.2 oz / 119 gram (built-in battery)

What's in the package?
1x Manker ML03 led flashlight (built-in lithium polymer battery)
1x Type-C USB cable (integrated OTG)
1x Lanyard
1x User manual

Technical Data:

Modes / output / runtime
- Moonlight:      0.1 lumens   800 hours
- Low:              160 lumens    10 hours  17 minutes
- Middle:          360 lumens      4 hours    8 minutes
- High:             800 lumens      1 hours  36 minutes
- Turbo:        2,000 lumens      1 hours   31 minutes
- Strobe:       2,000 lumens      -
Max. beam intensity: 25,600 cd
Max. beam distance: 160 meters
Impact resistance: 1 meter
Waterproof resistance: IPX4

Charging & Discharging
Power Indication:
When ML03 is turn on, the built-in power indicator under the side switch will show different color lights to indicate remaining battery power:

  50-100%: Blue light will be off after 10 seconds
  20-50%:   Purple light will be off after 10 seconds
  0-20%:     Red light will keep on

Charging Indicator:
While battery is charging, the tail red light constant-on. After battery have been fully charged, the tail red light will turn off and the tail green light constant-on.

Discharging Indicator:

Connected included Type-C USB cable, ML03 can work as powerbank to charge other device, the tail blue light turn on. While the power is not enough to charge other device, the tail blue light will turn off.

Operating Instructions:

ON: When the light is off, single click, long press, double or triple click the switch to turn it on.
OFF: When the light is on, single click the switch to turn it off.

General mode
While OFF, single click the switch to enter general mode. Press and hold on switch to adjust 'Low - Middle - High'. Release switch to select one level you want. After entering in general mode, single click the switch to turn it off; double click to Turbo; triple click to special mode.

Moonlight mode
While OFF, long press 1 second to enter moonlight mode. there have 5 lower brightness levels from 0.1 to 2 lumens. Press and hold on the switch to adjust 5 different lower brightness levels. Release the switch to select one level you want. After entering moonlight mode, single click the switch to turn it off; double click to Turbo; triple click to special mode.

Turbo mode
double click the switch to enter Turbo mode from any modes (except lock-out mode). After entering turbo mode, single click the switch to turn it off; double click or long press to general mode; triple click to special mode.

Special mode
While OFF, triple click the switch to enter special mode. Press and hold on the switch to adjust 'strobe - beacon - SOS'. Release the switch to select one level you want. After antering special mode, single click the switch to turn it off; double click to Turbo; triple click to general mode.

1. Memory function stores the general mode last used (Low or Middle or High).
2. While OFF, 4 quick clicks will lock-out the flashlight (4 flickers show successful lock-out).
    While locked-out, 4 quick clicks again will unlock.
3. While OFF, long press the switch for 3 seconds to enter button breath flash mode.(firstly moonlight will turn on and then turn off automatically)

1. Manker flashlight are high-intensity lighting devices capable of causing eye damage or other harms. so please avoid shining our lights directly into anyone's eyes.
2. To protect built-in battery, driver circuit and LED, we DO NOT recommend you run the light at turbo mode in longer time.
3. Please recharge the product every 3 months when left unused for a prolonged time.
4. When flashlight is kept in the backpack, please activate the lock-out mode to prevent accidental activation.
5. The warranty will be nulllified if product is broken down, reconstructed and or modified by unauthorized parties.

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