Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight Spinner Flashlight Use 18350 Battery Titanium Stonewash

Color: Cool White
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Technical Data


Battery Requirement

What's package content?

1x Mankerlight Timeback III LED Flashlight
1x Lanyard
1x Spare waterproof o-ring
1x Stainless steel customed screwdriver tool

Main light Operation


LOCK-OUT: Timeback III is equipped with a LOCK-OUT feature to prevent accidental activation. We recommend locking out the flashlight when you're not using it. From OFF, Quadruple click ( Click four times quickly) to LOCK-OUT. Tail Lights will be turn ON, cycle through different color lights: purple > blue > Red >purple blink and then OFF to indicate that it has been locked. To UNLOCK, quadruple click (Click four times quickly) again. Tail Lights will be turn on, cycle through different color lights and then OFF. Timeback III will be turn ON at last.

Moonlight Mode Operation: While the flashlight is OFF, press and hold the button down for one second to activate moonlight (0.1 lumens). Press once to turn OFF.

General Mode Operation: From OFF, click once for Mode 1 Low Level. Press and hold down to cycle through the different levels Low (46 lumens) > Medium (200 lumens) > High (600 lumens) > and back to Low. Simply release the button on the level you want to use. Press once to turn OFF and to store that level into last level memory. The next time you power on, it will start from that last level.

Turbo Mode: This is the highest and brightest setting. From OFF or from any other mode, Double click (click twice quickly) to jump in to Turbo mode (2,500 lumens). Note: This mode can not be stored in mode memory.

Self-Defense Strobe: Used for self-defense, the strobe mode (2,500 lumens) can temporarily blind an assailant and may potentially stop a threat. Triple click (Click three time quickly) from any other mode. Press once to turn OFF. Note: This mode cannot be stored in mode memory.

SOS: Used during emergencies, you can access this mode from the self defense strobe mode. While in self-defense store mode, simple press and hold down to activate SOS. Click once to turn OFF. Note: This mode cannot be stored in mode memory.

Beacon: Used as a way to signal your location, the beacon will be activated from SOS Strobe mode. Once SOS Strobe is activated, press and hold to activate Beacon. Press once to turn OFF. Note: This mode can not be stored in mode memory.

Tail light & Spinner light Operation
1. Customize Multi-color Ambient Lights
2. Power Indicator

Tutorial Video (DIY)

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