Nitecore HA13 350 Lumen Lightweight AAA Headlamp

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  • Max output of 350 lumens with 131 yard throw
  • 3 brightness modes with SOS and beacon plus 2 red light modes
  • Can use both 3 x AAA batteries or the Nitecore HLB1300 Li-ion battery pack
  • Utilizes a constant current circuit that prevents beam flashing
  • Lockout mode prevents accidental activation

Included in the Box

  • Nitecore HA13
  • Headband
  • 3 x AAA Batteries

Bright Headlamp with Red Light

The Nitecore HA13 is a bright yet lightweight AAA headlamp designed for outdoor or indoor use. Whether you're night running, camping, or attending to tasks indoors at home or in your workshop, the HA13 boasts an output of 350 lumens, illuminating distances of up to 131 yards. Crafted to emit a uniform and soft light, the HA13 provides a comfortable visual experience by utilizing a constant current circuit that prevents beam flashing. Offering versatility, the HA13 features primary white light with three different brightness settings SOS and Beacon. Additionally, it offers a red light mode, which can be either continuously on or set to a slow flash - perfect for map viewing, emergency response, stargazing, night photography, and more.

Multiple Ways to Power

The HA13 is designed to be powered by various types of batteries: three AAA batteries or the Nitecore HLB1300 USB-C rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, enabling the HA13 to last for up to 140 hours on its lowest mode.

Durable and Lightweight

Weighing just 3.53 oz, the HA13 makes for an excellent addition to any outdoor adventure. Its ultra-low standby power consumption ensures the HA13 remains ready for action throughout the year, and the Lockout Mode prevents accidental activation. Engineered to withstand various activities, the HA13 can endure impacts of up to 1 meter and holds an IPX6 rating, resisting splashes of water and rain. All in all, the HA13 headlamp stands as a lightweight and dependable lighting solution for a range of outdoor pursuits.


LED White Light, Red Light
Maximum Brightness 350 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 131 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 3500 cd
IP Rating IPX6
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions L-2.32" x W-1.97" x H-1.42"
Weight with 3xAAA batteries (included) 3.6 oz
Weight with HLB-1300 battery pack (not included) 3.2 oz


Using 3 x AAA Batteries: OUTPUT RUNTIME
High 350 lumens 3 hrs
Low 100 lumens 12 hrs
Ultralow 6 lumens 140 hrs
SOS 350 lumens ~
Beacon 350 lumens ~
Red Light: Constant On 5 lumens 40 hrs
Red Light Slow Flashing 5 lumens ~

Using the Nitecore HLB-1300 Li-ion Battery Pack: OUTPUT RUNTIME
High 350 lumens 4 hrs 30 mins
Low 100 lumens 15 hrs
Ultralow 6 lumens 160 hrs
SOS 350 lumens ~
Beacon 350 lumens ~
Red Light: Constant On 5 lumens 60 hrs
Red Light: Slow Flashing 5 lumens ~

Compatible Power Sources

Nitecore HLB1300 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack ~ 3.7V Y (Recommended)
Primary Alkaline Battery AAA 1.5V Y (Recommended)
Primary Lithium Battery AAA 1.5V Y (Recommended)
Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery AAA 1.2V Y (Recommended)
Rechargeable LFP Battery 10400 3.2V N (Incompatible)
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 10400 3.7V N (Incompatible)

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