SnakeSword Aluminium Honeycomb Black Resin Edc lanyard beads

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Introducing the SnakeSword Aluminium Honeycomb Black Resin EDC (Everyday Carry) lanyard beads, a sleek and functional accessory designed for those who value both form and utility in their everyday carry items. These lanyard beads are crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminium, featuring a honeycomb pattern that not only adds to their visual appeal but also provides a secure grip.

Expertly designed for durability, these beads are perfect for attaching to keychains, bags, or as a stylish accessory on your EDC gear. Their compact size makes them an ideal choice for those who want a versatile and low-profile addition to their daily essentials. Whether you're using them for practical purposes or simply as a fashion statement, the SnakeSword Aluminium Honeycomb Black Resin lanyard beads are a sophisticated blend of style, strength, and functionality.

Brand: SnapeSword
Model: SSD Resin
Material: epoxy resin
Origin: Shenzhen, China
Height: 18MM
Diameter: 13MM
Aperture: 6MM
Weight: approximately 1.5-2 grams
Backup host: By default, a random colored umbrella rope is provided. Due to different shooting environments, there may be slight color differences in the image.

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