TIMAZE TAS-108-RS Titanium Bolt Pen PVD Red+Silver

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The international standard 111mm refill can be universally compatible, and the black Pelikan refill is included as standard.

In the future, you can choose Chinese, German, American, or Japanese refills according to your personal preferences.

If you choose the "G2 titanium accessory," it can also be compatible with 98mm G2 refills and American Fisher Space Pen refills.

TAS-108-RB: Black Silver Edition, black color anodized, silver color sandblasted.
TAS-108-RS: Red Silver Edition, red color anodized, silver color sandblasted.
TAS-108-BL: Black Edition, black color PVD + anodized, silver color sandblasted.
TAS-108-RG: Red Gold Edition, gold color PVD 18K, red color anodized.
TAS-108-BG: Black Gold Edition, gold color PVD 18K, black color PVD + anodized.

Material: Titanium, aluminum, steel
Diameter: 10.6-10.8mm
Length: 140mm
Weight: 27g

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