Rockstead Folding Knife HIGO-Ⅱ-TI-ZDP (M) ZDP-189 Blade Titanium Handle Frame Lock

RocksteadSKU: HIGOⅡ TI-ZDP (M)

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This model was minor changed of the HIGO JH knife. In this model use titanium handles with DLC coating. Also, it makes two different handle finishing. A shiny finish (S) and a matted finish (M). The ZDP189 blade can cut Manila rope about 1,000 times, still slices cleanly through a sheet of paper. This knife has a blade edge angle of 30 degrees near the half, and 24 degrees near the tip with one continues, gradually reducing angle connecting them. This reducing blade angle is a product Rockstead's continues pursuit of superior sharpness.


Full length 214mm
Total weight 138g
Blade length 89mm
Blade thickness 3.2mm
Blade material ZDP189
Handle material Titanium alloy
Attribute A wrench for dismantlement

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